This seems to be old news but I was bored so, here I am. I’ve seen retail_therapy & icyabstract‘s posts on this too!

I posted this on Cozycot some time back but I have lost the photos so I’ve decided to redo it. I only had a Eyeshadow Palette*15 and a Blush Palette*6, but look how much more I’ve added..

Eye Shadow *15(A)

Yes, Im a purple person with abit of pinks. I actually have Stars&Rockets but I love it so much that I have to add it in the palette.

Decided that if Im to add more colours into my rather boring Purple Palette, the shadows will be..



Eye Shadow*15(B)

Oh well, there are still a tiny bit of purples and pinks, but there are more orangey and golden shades!

I still havent dared to use greens, blues and yellows.. I do have some blue and green pigments somewhere though.. Lets see if I will get around to use them. 😉


Next up! Blushes! I dont own much Mac blushes, only Plum du Bois and Dollymix. And of course, a whole lot of Grand duos MSFs. :\





And as I said, Im a purple person, so I dont own much neturals. (Well, actually I think I do have 4 netural palette.. But not MAC’s.) I have decided to make the Eye Shadow Palette*4 my Neutral Palette, so here is what I will get for it!




Honestly, I will not get all these at a go! I would rather take my time and built my palette slowly. Oh well, I have been thinking of getting an empty quar since 2 months ago, but I have not gotten it yet! How do I depot the Eye Shadow? *Here I go in search of How-to in Youtube/makeup site!*