{This is a review on the older version version of the sunblock.
Please note that the new version reviews are here! }



I would say that it is a very important step in every skincare regime. I do not want to get any tanner and also to have spots when Im older, nor do I want my current pimple scars to get darken. I always get a stable sunblock when Im going out for more than 1 hour. Stable sunblock would be one in which you dont have to reapply every 2+ hours. It also meant that the sunblock is stable enough to protect you from all the harmful rays when you are exposed to the sun. Unstable sunblock requires you to reapply after every other hour as the sun will “melt” away the protection. Im sure most of us wears makeup, so it is best to use a stable sunblock. Unless you are doing sports, please reapply after every hour even though you are using a stable sunblock.

The higher the SPF (sun protection factor), the better for me. But of course, the higher the SPF, the “thicker” and oilier one sunblock will be. A product with ‘SPF’ offers protection against UVB rays. SPF is calculated by comparing the times for UVB to burn unprotected and protected skin. For example, if your unprotected skin begins burning in 10 minutes, an ‘SPF 15’ sunscreen would shield your skin for 150 minutes.

I dont know about you girls, but I tend to skip sublocks that contains avobenzone and alcohol denat. Avobenzone is something that stings skin and chances are, red patches will appear. Alcohol denat is bad alcohol which dehydrate skin, so NO NO for me.

The only sunblock that I like is the L’oreal UV Perfect. Okay, enough of me talking, lets get down to reviewing this sunblock!

L’oreal UV Perfect comes in 3 shades, Transparent (White), Even Complexion (Beige) and Anti-dullness (Purple). It has SPF 50 protection with UVB and UVA PA++++. The more +, it has, the better!



How does all the sunblock in different shades fare?
I have personally use each of the sunblock for >5 times before this review. As only the transparent is stable, I only wear this when I go outdoor for more than 2 hours. For the other 2, I wear it either at home without make up or I wear it when I head to run errands.

I think the most important thing is if the product does what it claims?
I would say YES!

The purple shade does brighten up my skintone but it leaves a white cast. It also feels the oiliest to me. I dont really like this as it is makes my loosepowder looks patchy after 30 minutes or so.

The transparent goes on smoothly and offers the best protection as it is the only stable among the 3. Make up goes on well, and no patches at all. 

As for the beige, it is the one I would love most if not for the fact that it is an unstable sunblock. Not only does it even out my skintone, it also conceal some of my scars on my face! I guess I can say that it double up as a tinted foundation? 🙂

Here are the swatches.

Do remember, what works for me might not work for you. Let me start things off with the negatives.

The Bads:
LUnstable sunblock (Purple and Beige.)
LWill not work if you going for matte make up look.
LWhite cast (Purple.)

The Netural:
KOily & heavy, but this can be overcome by loose powder. The oiliness actually hydrate my skin in a way so I save on time applying moisturizer.

The Goods:
JStable sunblock (Transparent.)
JDoesnt clog pores.
JGives a glow, so it is a plus if you are going for glowy or dewy looks.
JNo white cast (Beige and Transparent.)

Whould I repuchase this?

Yes I will! I have been using this sunblock for 2 years!


WHOA! It is a long entry right? Phew, finally done with it! Hope you enjoy this post!
As a parting note, please do remember to use a sunblock everyday! And reapply if you are using an unstable sunblock!