A post that is a week old, pardon me.

Last week, a private Loreal sales was held at Concorde Hotel. My friend, July had three tickets and she invited me and Eileen to head down with her. And of course with her super cute children. Let me try to recall the brands in the sale; YSL Kiehl’s Shu Uemura, Loreal (Hair range only), Kerastase, Biotherm, Lancome, La Roche Posay, Vichy, & a very limited range of perfume. (PS; How do I remember the brands? Via the brand nearest to the door, then the next table, so on..) We were all over the place and when I see July or Eileen, I will ask “Do you think I should get this? What about this?” CANNOT ask Eileen anything, I realise. ‘Cos everything is good/cheap/can try to her.. HAHAH! On the other hand, July will tell me “Expiry date.”. And most of the time, I will put back the items. HAHAH!

I helped Joanne to get some stuffs too! Was busying smsing her as she was in class. She was telling me, “Anything will do!” Hahah!

So here are my stuffs!!!!

Vichy’s trial setsin Normaderm and Purete Thermale range


A couple of items was given to Joanne!

Vichy body sunblock (just because Im getting darker and darker. 😦 ) and also Kiehl’s Blie Herbal cleanser and toner.  Photobucket

Got a set of the Keihl’s for both Joanne and W.

Im loving the cleanser so far! (Review, maybe?)

Biotherm Aquasource Superserum, White Detox Moisturizing Cream, White D-tox Night Cream*2 (Sample sizes)


One set for Joanne too!

Hope you enjoy the stuffs I bought for you! 🙂 Do review on the makeup remover also! 🙂

YSL Rouge Pur in #141 (Pink Satin) and #142 (Honey Beige)

#141 (Pink Satin)

#142 (Honey Beige)


🙂 One again, thanks July for the ticket! Dont know if you are reading this, but THANKYOU!
Totally loving spending time with July and Eileen. *Flip hair* (Inside joke, sorry!)

Dont ask me how much I’ve spend! Because something are better left unsaid. LOL! But all are paid solely by yours truely.