Came across heavenlygorgeous‘s and retailtherapy‘s post on Lipstick Horoscope!

Im a Pisces, so my lipstick is..

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Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Drop Dead Red

Characteristics: Known as “The Dreamer,” Pisces are generous, sympathetic and thoughtful. You are very emotional, creative and imaginative people who don’t like details. You can be dreamy and unrealistic.
How true is this? I give a check to everything but, not “dont like details”. I think Im quite detailed in 75% of the things I do.

Your Lipstick Horoscope: You need a strong lip color like deep shades of red to balance out your emotions and strengthen you.
Hmmm, strangly, I have no red lipstick and I have never wore red lipstick before!

And for this, I tried! (Guess my lip colour!)

Very not me, I think!