This is for Eileen! So sorry I took so long! 😦 A comparison between Moon River and Rhapsody in Two. Photobucket
Moon River – Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink
Rhapsody in Two – Light pale pink/pale peach (Frost) (Limited Edition)
(Info from Temptalia!)
Aint they beautiful? 🙂

Moon River has a pinkish shade to it, nothing over the top. Very veryyyy soft and pink. I normally use this when Im in a ultra girly mood. 🙂
Rhapsody in Two has a peachy sheen to it and personally, I think I look crap in peachy sheen. I dont use Rhapsody in Two alone, but as a highlighter or layer it on.:)
Both show up as a blusher for me, but Im loving Moon River more. I think Rhapsody in Two is not a “must-buy”, even if you dont have Moon River.
Eileen dear, we have to meet up soon! 🙂