Hi girls!

I  have receive a couple of emails with regards to the Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock. 🙂 Thanks for your emails and I hope I clear your doubts!

Anyway! Loreal has now release a new generation of Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock. Below is the new ingredient list! (Please only use it with my permission as I spend alot of time typing this!)


To make things easier to understand. All shades of the sunblocks are stable! 🙂 Nothing seems to be different for me at least. Texture, oil control-ness, advantages, disadvantages are all the same as on the pevious reviews.

There is also a new version that mattify skin! I havent try it yet, have you? Please let me know how it fares! I cannot wait to finish my current Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock in Purple now! 🙂