Greetings sugars!

Many people were waiting for the launch of Revlon PhotoReady as there was quite a number of raves in the States. How did it fare against the one-of-the-best-liquid-foundations Revlon Colorstay?

I was at SengKang Compass Point when I saw Revlon PhotoReady. I swatched the lightest shade, Nude. (Which is the 4th lightest shade in the States.) I can only recall that there’re Golden Beige, other than Nude! Sorry! WIll update the list tomorrow when I pass by again!

Miss #1: It was.. Orangey and abit dark even for me. After 1 hour, it oxidise to a darker shade. Not good.
Miss #2: Very cakey and thick, yet coverage wasnt as good as the Revlon Colorstay!
Miss #3: Settled into fine lines, not a nice sight, especially on face.
Miss of the misses: SO SHIMMERY!! 😦


Now.. Would you pay $29.90 to look like a disco ball?

Not me.