Was just surfing on the internet and saw that OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection will be out in May 2011!

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection 


Stranger Tides



Mermaid Tears





Skull & Glossbones


Steady As She Rose


Sparrow Me The Drama


Planks a Lot


Silver Shatter


Seems like most people are still very interested in the shattering polishes, which I dont get the hype, because I feel like it looks like hard boiled egg shells.. :X It is just me. It is just me. Now dont you get offended!   



Did a google for swatches and, wow I may say.
►Skull & Glossbones + ►Steady As She Rose = bridal nails. No?

►Sparrow Me The Drama and ►Planks A Lot seems to be easily dupe-able.. (But, I will def order these 2. You will understand when you see my polishes collection. I seems to have ALMOST all purples and hot/pastal pinks. :/)
►Stranger Tides – I think people who like OPI Tickle my France-y will like this? I dont know. Im not appealed. Maybe when I see it in person?
►Mermaid’s tears – A greener China Glaze Audrey, no? NICE. And Mermaid? It is really calling out for me..



Will be getting:
Sparrow Me The Drama
Planks A Lot
Mermaid’s tears

😀 What about you?


*Credit to: OPI Facebook