*Each year the fur industry kills over 50 million animals for fashion, not including rabbits (no reliable data on rabbits killed worldwide for fur is available).

Number of Animals to Make a Fur Coat:
12-15 lynx
10-15 wolves or coyotes
15-20 foxes
60-80 minks
27-30 racoons
10-12 beavers
60-100 squirrels


Yes, you’ve read right. There’s a shocking number of 50 million innocent animals killed for “fashion”. Other than the above animals, chinchillas, dogs, cats, seals, bears, and more are also being killed and skinned.

Other than trapping these animals in the wild, there is also something called the “Fur Factor Farms”, where animals are raised in cages (I believe tiny cages) and then killed for their fur. Think about dog mills. Same cruel concept.

*Not only are cage-raised animals killed inhumanely, but they suffer from numerous physical and behavioral abnormalities induced by the stress of caging conditions. After spending their short lives in squalid conditions, animals raised on fur farms are killed by cruel methods that preserve the pelt, such as gassing, neck-breaking and anal electrocution.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Strip: Ministry of Waxing have teamed up for a UNFIRGIVEABLE campaign in the battle against fur. You dont want to wear fur after reading the above, right? (Shame on you if you still do!!) So why should we have fur on our bare skin?


Join in the Anti-Fur movement!
For every Brazillian wax at Strip ($40, U.P. $58), $1 will go towards PETA. This promotion is till 31 Dec 2011.

Let’s all do something good to the animals. There will be no supply, if there is no demands. Please play a part!
If you want to do more, you can donate to PETA.

You can read more about animals used for fur.

*Information credit to infurmation

So, I have join in the anti-fur movement and gotten myself free of fur at Strip Buddy! It was 3pm and I was greeted by Chloe. She explained the team up with PETA and gave me a small tour of Strip. Chloe told me that 3pm to 6pm is the best time for waxing as we wont have water retention in the body thus our pain tolerance is higher.

I was given a personal wax pack which was sealed to ensure on hygiene to clean myself up before the wax. You can choose to have a squeezy toy if you want to!

The room was dimmed and cooling. Very relaxing and comfortable. There were posters, words and pharses on the wall and ceiling to take your mind off. Didnt manage to take photos of the words and such as I left my camera in my bag after changing. :s

I tried both strawberry and chocolate wax. Both waxes worked the same for me, in terms of level of pain and getting the job done. But the strawberry wax contains aloe vera and chamomile which is better for sensitive skin as it will calm and soothe.

The wax theraptist was friendly and it helped me to relax. She told me what she will be doing and taught me when to breathe in and out to minimize the pain.

As promised by Strip, everything was done in 15 minutes. Fast and fuss free.

Honestly, the pain is very bearable! Trust me, the pain will fade off in 2 to 3 seconds. So, go try it!

Join in the Anti-Fur movement!
For every Brazillian wax at Strip ($40, U.P. $58), $1 will go towards PETA. This promotion is till 31 Dec 2011.

What’s more! Strip also teamed up with Havaianas!


You can choose the Rudy Red ($40, U.P. $44.90), or the Slim Purple ($45, U.P. $49.90).
You get a shoe bag which I used it to keep my wore clothes during a stayover, an accessorize for your havaianas (I believe, a gold heart for Rudy Red and a red heart for Slim Purple), a $5 Havaianas voucher, a 15ml Strip’s strawberry scrub and a 15ml Strip’s strawberry body butter.

Please note that strip is not able to perform waxing on customers who:
•Have given birth naturally in the last 3 months
•Have had a C-section int he last 6 months.
•Are currently having their menstrual cycle.
•Have been applying/consumng any Acutance, Retin A, AHA, Glycolic Acid or other supplements.
•Have any skin allergies.
•Have health conditions such as diabets.
•Have undergone chemotherapy or other radiation treatments.


[Thank you Pearlin for the invite, and Chloe for the Strip tour and explainations!]