OPI Nicki Minaj
Photo credit to shefinds.

When I saw the promo photos for the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, I knew I was skipping it. Not a fan of shatters (‘Super Bass Shatter’), nor glitters/shimmers (‘Metallic 4 Life’ and ‘Save Me’), nor this green (‘Did It On Em’). I was interested in ‘Pink Friday’ and ‘Fly’. But Im quite sure that ‘Pink Friday’ is dupable. Whereas for ‘Fly’, I think it is a less common shade. But I know I have something similar.



And it is the Rainbow AM28.

Yes? No?

(I had to chip off my nails for sports, so only thumb swatches for now.)

Lets take a closer look side by side.

2 layers for each.
OPI Fly dries to a glossier finish while Rainbow AM28 to a more musky finish. Both dries in a short time.

It is soooooooo hard capturing the true teal colour, so I am giving you colour swatches on html.

This is OPI Fly.                                     This is Rainbow AM28.

Seriously, is there any different? But I have to admit, OPI Fly is prettier but you dont need both. If you are on a budget or just wants a dupe, get Rainbow AM28 ($2/$2.50. You can get them at the old shop book shop, or even those budget beauty stores such as Ta Zhiang. Singapore only!)