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I dont know about you, but I really dislike it when I am woken up. And just last week, I was woken up by a LOUD knock! It wasnt the postman because it was 9am! My mum opened the door and then came to me saying “There’s a parcel for you!!” My mum was shaking the parcel asking “What’s inside..?” LOL.


These are the goodies inside!

First item Im going to try is the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
So here is my eye and lip makeup! Yes, my eye makeup is Biore inspired! (:


Now arm yourself with the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye& Lip and cotton pads!


It is not exactly watery nor is it gel like. It is like a runny gel-water product!


The Goods:
JRemoving eye and lips makeup very easily. I only have to wipe my eyes 3 times before everything was off.
JDoes not need to rub too much on skin.
JNot oily at all!

The Bads:
LDoes sting my eyes if too much product are poured on the cotton pad.

Second item Im going to test out is the Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover


On the back of my hand, I applied Relvon Colourstay, Mac loosepowder and many different Mac Blushers. Words were written using Mac pencil liners.



Doesnt need to shake. And this product feel amazinggg! It is not watery, but runny.. Emm, doesnt really sound like water eh?


The Goods:
JOnly need a tiny amount.
JCleanse really easily and quickly.
JDoes not leaves a oily flim behind after washing.

JDoes Foral scent!

The Bads:
Nothing! I really like this product!

The last item I am goign to test out is the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets
I decided to use it after a day out, so sorry, no photo of my oily face.. :X


Here is the aftermath..


The Goods:
JConvenience to use.
JOnly one sheet needed for my huge face.

The Bads:
LOily and leaves a flim behind.
LDoes not remover waterproof mascara.
LNot environmental friendly.

Excited about the three makeup removers? Now you can try them out too! Simply click the link below and you will get a FREE Biore Sample kit which consist of:
1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip,

1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (2 Pcs)

Now redeem!

Thank you The Sample Store and Biore for giving me the opportunity for taking party in this blogger’s challenge!

PS: Always remember to double cleanse! (:


Are you Ready for Revlon PhotoReady?

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Greetings sugars!

Many people were waiting for the launch of Revlon PhotoReady as there was quite a number of raves in the States. How did it fare against the one-of-the-best-liquid-foundations Revlon Colorstay?

I was at SengKang Compass Point when I saw Revlon PhotoReady. I swatched the lightest shade, Nude. (Which is the 4th lightest shade in the States.) I can only recall that there’re Golden Beige, other than Nude! Sorry! WIll update the list tomorrow when I pass by again!

Miss #1: It was.. Orangey and abit dark even for me. After 1 hour, it oxidise to a darker shade. Not good.
Miss #2: Very cakey and thick, yet coverage wasnt as good as the Revlon Colorstay!
Miss #3: Settled into fine lines, not a nice sight, especially on face.
Miss of the misses: SO SHIMMERY!! 😦


Now.. Would you pay $29.90 to look like a disco ball?

Not me.




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Im sure this is no stranger to you girls. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil & NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil.
I find the texture similar so I tested them as eyeshadow base.

Here are the swatches of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in
Purple, Cherry, Gold, Lavender, Hot Pink, Baby Blue & Orange

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in
Honey & Almond

Shades true to this:


The Bads:
LToo pigmented as a eye shadow base. I would prefer a colourless one as to bring out the ES shade.
Almond would be good as a eye shadown base and also Cotton Cheese and Milk which I dont have.
LIt can be a good product if one have time to apply different shades and then pat on similar eye shadows.
For example, Lavender in the middle for highlight, then Purple as the corner of the eyes etc.

The Netural:
KThe sharpening of the pencil. As it is jumbo, normal sharpener wont do the trick. But if you have the NYX sharperen, then this isnt a problem.
Or you can melt the pencil into a 5g jar. (Only the colour part, not the whole pencil!)

The Goods:
JThe price tag! 4usd
JDoesnt crease much.
JEasy to apply, and eye shadows go in smoothly.


No doubt that the product is cheap and good, but the sharpening and being too troublesome to blend them all together gets to me.
If the pencil comes in normal size, then I would be getting Milk and Cotton Cheese, then maybe I might change my views on these. 🙂

Swatches & Review: Revlon Colorstay Makeup With Softlex for Combination/Oliy Skin


Revlon Colorstay Makeup With Softlex for Combination/Oliy Skin.

Quite a mouthful, no?


I love love love this liquid foundation as it is, so far, THE BEST for me.

Photos blurred to show the true shades.

The Bads:
LDesign of the bottle. Because it is of thick thick consistency, it is hard to pour out the last bits.
LLimited shades IN SINGAPORE. See how limited the shades are in Singapore! 😦

List of shades: (*Shades coloured are available in Singapore.)
150 Buff
180/190 Sand Beige (I think the new bottles are labelled as 190 and the older, 180)
210 Nude
Natural Beige
Medium Beige
Fresh Beige
Golden Beige
310 Warm Golden
True Beige
Natural Tan
340 Early Tan
Rich Tan
Golden Caramel
370 Toast
Rich Ginger

5 out of 20 shades only! BLAH!

The Netural:
KThe smell of alcohol! Though it wasnt a big problem for me, Im sure many girls dont like it.

The Goods:
JMedium to heavy coverage. 
JDoesnt clog pores.
JOil control was pretty good.


Of course it is a good product for me!

Now.. Many girls had been asking alot the shade Nude. It is the next shade after Sand Beige, which most chinese girls suit. I am not very sure about the malay friends, I think Early Tan seem to be a common match? Please correct me if Im wrong!

So the shades from the lightest to the darkest (for common singaporean shades) will be
150 Buff > 180/190 Sand Beige > 210 Nude > 340 Early Tan

Although Nude looks lighter than Sand Beige in the bottle, they are actually the same shade, just that Sand Beige is yellow undertoned while Nude is pink undertoned. Thus Nude seem darker than Sand Beige.

Buff is yellow undertoned.

I dont have Nude, so only swatches for 150 Buff and 180/190 Sand Beige.


Oh yes! It is $29.90 at Watson! 🙂

Pink Lipstick Showdown


After uploading the photos between YSL Rouge Pur in #141 (Pink Satin) & Mac Viva Glam Gaga, I realize I should have swatch Mac Saint Germain too.
😦 Silly me.
Anyway, here is to Lynnie, who asked if YSL Rouge Pur #141 is a dupe for Mac Gaga!

YSL Rouge Pur in #141 (Pink Satin) & Mac Viva Glam Gaga


🙂 Which one are you loving?

A Comparison

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This is for Eileen! So sorry I took so long! 😦 A comparison between Moon River and Rhapsody in Two. Photobucket
Moon River – Blue pink mélange / Pale yellow pink
Rhapsody in Two – Light pale pink/pale peach (Frost) (Limited Edition)
(Info from Temptalia!)
Aint they beautiful? 🙂

Moon River has a pinkish shade to it, nothing over the top. Very veryyyy soft and pink. I normally use this when Im in a ultra girly mood. 🙂
Rhapsody in Two has a peachy sheen to it and personally, I think I look crap in peachy sheen. I dont use Rhapsody in Two alone, but as a highlighter or layer it on.:)
Both show up as a blusher for me, but Im loving Moon River more. I think Rhapsody in Two is not a “must-buy”, even if you dont have Moon River.
Eileen dear, we have to meet up soon! 🙂

Swatches & Review: YSL Rouge Pur


Heavenly Gorgeous, This Is For YOU! Sorry that I took so long to post this!

Excited to try out the YSL Rouge Pur because the swatches are so so so nice. I had gotten them at the Loreal Private Sale.

*All photo are without flash, under natural sunlight.



Aint they gorgeous?

#141 is a pinkish shade which I thought it will be great for sweet look, and #142 will be great for nude lips! Heck, I just want to get them because they were cheappp!

They are pigmented and a little goes a long way. Staying power wise, it is pretty much the much as of others. Doesnt stain lips! Plus point! I hate hate hate those that stains my lips!

Lips swatches

Please pardon the fine lines on my lips. ):

#141 seems to be a shade which can be easily found, but I have a soft spot for soft shades like these.
#142 has a sheen to it which I dont really like. Am not a sheen person. But great for a causal day out.

I hope this helps, Heavenly Gorgeous! 🙂


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