OPI Fly dupes?

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OPI Nicki Minaj
Photo credit to shefinds.

When I saw the promo photos for the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, I knew I was skipping it. Not a fan of shatters (‘Super Bass Shatter’), nor glitters/shimmers (‘Metallic 4 Life’ and ‘Save Me’), nor this green (‘Did It On Em’). I was interested in ‘Pink Friday’ and ‘Fly’. But Im quite sure that ‘Pink Friday’ is dupable. Whereas for ‘Fly’, I think it is a less common shade. But I know I have something similar.



And it is the Rainbow AM28.

Yes? No?

(I had to chip off my nails for sports, so only thumb swatches for now.)

Lets take a closer look side by side.

2 layers for each.
OPI Fly dries to a glossier finish while Rainbow AM28 to a more musky finish. Both dries in a short time.

It is soooooooo hard capturing the true teal colour, so I am giving you colour swatches on html.

This is OPI Fly.                                     This is Rainbow AM28.

Seriously, is there any different? But I have to admit, OPI Fly is prettier but you dont need both. If you are on a budget or just wants a dupe, get Rainbow AM28 ($2/$2.50. You can get them at the old shop book shop, or even those budget beauty stores such as Ta Zhiang. Singapore only!)


Unfurgivable Blogger Invite

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*Each year the fur industry kills over 50 million animals for fashion, not including rabbits (no reliable data on rabbits killed worldwide for fur is available).

Number of Animals to Make a Fur Coat:
12-15 lynx
10-15 wolves or coyotes
15-20 foxes
60-80 minks
27-30 racoons
10-12 beavers
60-100 squirrels


Yes, you’ve read right. There’s a shocking number of 50 million innocent animals killed for “fashion”. Other than the above animals, chinchillas, dogs, cats, seals, bears, and more are also being killed and skinned.

Other than trapping these animals in the wild, there is also something called the “Fur Factor Farms”, where animals are raised in cages (I believe tiny cages) and then killed for their fur. Think about dog mills. Same cruel concept.

*Not only are cage-raised animals killed inhumanely, but they suffer from numerous physical and behavioral abnormalities induced by the stress of caging conditions. After spending their short lives in squalid conditions, animals raised on fur farms are killed by cruel methods that preserve the pelt, such as gassing, neck-breaking and anal electrocution.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Strip: Ministry of Waxing have teamed up for a UNFIRGIVEABLE campaign in the battle against fur. You dont want to wear fur after reading the above, right? (Shame on you if you still do!!) So why should we have fur on our bare skin?


Join in the Anti-Fur movement!
For every Brazillian wax at Strip ($40, U.P. $58), $1 will go towards PETA. This promotion is till 31 Dec 2011.

Let’s all do something good to the animals. There will be no supply, if there is no demands. Please play a part!
If you want to do more, you can donate to PETA.

You can read more about animals used for fur.

*Information credit to infurmation

So, I have join in the anti-fur movement and gotten myself free of fur at Strip Buddy! It was 3pm and I was greeted by Chloe. She explained the team up with PETA and gave me a small tour of Strip. Chloe told me that 3pm to 6pm is the best time for waxing as we wont have water retention in the body thus our pain tolerance is higher.

I was given a personal wax pack which was sealed to ensure on hygiene to clean myself up before the wax. You can choose to have a squeezy toy if you want to!

The room was dimmed and cooling. Very relaxing and comfortable. There were posters, words and pharses on the wall and ceiling to take your mind off. Didnt manage to take photos of the words and such as I left my camera in my bag after changing. :s

I tried both strawberry and chocolate wax. Both waxes worked the same for me, in terms of level of pain and getting the job done. But the strawberry wax contains aloe vera and chamomile which is better for sensitive skin as it will calm and soothe.

The wax theraptist was friendly and it helped me to relax. She told me what she will be doing and taught me when to breathe in and out to minimize the pain.

As promised by Strip, everything was done in 15 minutes. Fast and fuss free.

Honestly, the pain is very bearable! Trust me, the pain will fade off in 2 to 3 seconds. So, go try it!

Join in the Anti-Fur movement!
For every Brazillian wax at Strip ($40, U.P. $58), $1 will go towards PETA. This promotion is till 31 Dec 2011.

What’s more! Strip also teamed up with Havaianas!


You can choose the Rudy Red ($40, U.P. $44.90), or the Slim Purple ($45, U.P. $49.90).
You get a shoe bag which I used it to keep my wore clothes during a stayover, an accessorize for your havaianas (I believe, a gold heart for Rudy Red and a red heart for Slim Purple), a $5 Havaianas voucher, a 15ml Strip’s strawberry scrub and a 15ml Strip’s strawberry body butter.

Please note that strip is not able to perform waxing on customers who:
•Have given birth naturally in the last 3 months
•Have had a C-section int he last 6 months.
•Are currently having their menstrual cycle.
•Have been applying/consumng any Acutance, Retin A, AHA, Glycolic Acid or other supplements.
•Have any skin allergies.
•Have health conditions such as diabets.
•Have undergone chemotherapy or other radiation treatments.


[Thank you Pearlin for the invite, and Chloe for the Strip tour and explainations!]

Goodies: Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

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2 weeks back, Eileen invited me to join her for the Vichy workshop. It was to introduce the NEW Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care.

At the start of the session, we did this test to find out what type of skin do we have. I have combination/oily skin. And I battle acne. Eww all these gross pimples! ): I have always been on a lookout for good acne fighting products, and good products to clear up some scars left behind..

Research International reported that 3 out of 5 Singaporean women suffer from oily skin imperfections. (I say, no thanks to Singapore’s weather!)
And 4 major problems which comes hand in hand with oily skin are:
1. Acnes/ Pimples
2. Clogge pores/ Blackheads
3. Localised shine
4. Dilated pores

To not only break the vicious cycle of imperfection, and also to restore healthy and beautiful skin, Vichy combined complete skin management with 3 simultaneous actions.
Anti imperfection + Mattifying + Hydration = Cleaner and healthier skin

And just for asian skin, Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care is made!
For the very first time, 3 dermatological peeling active ingredient were integrated in a daily hydrating care to target all the different layers of the epidermis.


The unique combination of the peeling acids is such that,
1. Peeling effect on 100% of epidermis: Each active ingredient has a different penetration length and location in the epidermis.
2.Time-release effect: Glycolic acid stays twice as salicylic acid and lipo-hydroxy acid stays 4 times longer than salicylic acid.
3. More efficient than using salicylic acid alone: Unique in-vitro test shows that all actives together have a better efficacy on cell renewal.

Each of us was given 3 products to try. And they are Anti-Imperfection Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream, Purifying Cleansing Gel and Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care.



After trying the products for 2 weeks, here is my reviews! 🙂

Anti-Imperfection Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream

JFoams well and quickly. Not much of a smell.
LDont feel that skin was clean after using it. Felt a layer of something was left behind.

I recommand this for people with normal to dry skin.


Purifying Cleansing Gel

JSkin was soooooo clean and fresh after using it.
L Sometimes, I felt abit of tightness on my cheeks, but after a while skin was back to normal.

If you have very oily skin, or after workout, this is for you. 🙂


Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

JLightweight and absorbs quickly. Skin was matte after using. No bumps nor pimples was seen during the 2 weeks, but I would still like to monitor my skin, especially during the time of the month. And you can use this both day and night.
During the day, my skin was not as oily as it was. I skip moisturizer normally as my sunblock is quite oily. But with this, my skin does not feel too loaded, in fact it is so lightweight that I dont feel it on my skin.
At night, this is the BEST thing ever! Not too heavy that makes me look like a oil pan when I wakes. It is just right!
LBlackheads were still there! 


Overall, I feel that this range is good for women battling acnes. If you have relatively good skin, or want to keep your acne at bay, the Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care is for you!

I’m awaiting to get my hands on the new Night Anti-Imperfection+Rejuvenating Care.

Have you tried any Vichy products, which do you recommand? 🙂


Goodies: Ginvera

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/Sorry no photos for now as my laptop couldn’t detect anything and also it HANGS! UGH. (STILL!!!)

Thanks to LiJuan from thesamplestore and Ginvera, I’m sponered 2 items! And guess what? I had tried these 2 products before for some time now! They are:
Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel & Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away.

Other than “Zero Blackheads in One Step”, there are 10 more reasons why you have to use Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel!

1) Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
2) Rubs away blackheads painlessly
3) Contracts pores for refined skin (as dead skin cells have been cleared from pores)
4) Lightens black spots, freckles & scars
5) Removes oil seeds
6) Regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
7) Brightens dull complexion
8) Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
9) Whitens skin as it gives way to new born skin
10) Enhances quick absorption of skin care products

Seeing is believing!

Use daily on dry face with dry fingers. Squeeze a sufficient amount and dot on forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. Massage about one minute. Rinse off with water / facial cleanser after use.
TADA, soft supple skin is yours now. 🙂

As compared to other brands’ mental roller, Im loving the Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away.
Because Jade roller is more hygienic than other rollers as it has energy to inhibit bacteria. Unique with Jade Roller and blended with Bio energy ingredients such as Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Rice Fermentation Essence, water soluble Olive Oil, Ginseng, various whitening herb extracts, Pomelo and Royal Jelly.

Jade is a precious gem in the East that contains ample of energy. Besides using it as on arnament, it has beauty and health benefits. According to anciet Chinese medical book, “Jade has cooling properties. It can dissolve toxins, nourish skin, improve circulation, eyesight and energize the brain.”
According to modern scientific studies, Jade is enriched with trace minerals that are beneficial to human body. Through massaging using the Jade ball, this energy will be pentrated into the skin and body to nourish and beautify the skin.

Goodies: Eucerin

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If you are like me, who have a never ending battle with acne and blemishes paired with oily skin, then try Eucerin!

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks to TheSampleStore, I’ve tried the DermoPURIFYER Cleaner, DermoPURIFYER scrub and DermoPURIFYER crème gel!

/Sorry no photos for now as my laptop couldn’t detect anything and also it HANGS! UGH.

First product I tried was DermoPURIFYER Cleaner!
The Goods:
JNo scent
JGentle to the skin as it doesn’t foam, so it doesn’t strip off skin’s moisture!

The Bads:
LDoesn’t cleanse well, my skin didn’t feel clean
LHad a breakout on my jaw area..

The second product I tried was the DermoPURIFYER Scrub!
The Goods:
JNot drying at all.
JVery gentle to the skin even though the beads in the scrub seems big and harsh!

The Bads:
LDoes have a slight scent to it.

And the last product I tried was the DERMOPURIFYER Crème Gel.
The Goods:
JNon oily nor does it leave a layer of something on skin.

The Bads: 
I haven’t use the crème gel enough to make a review on it, but it seems promising. Will update again when my pimples heal!

Now you can get your Eucerin Sample Kit!


Goodies: Biore

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I dont know about you, but I really dislike it when I am woken up. And just last week, I was woken up by a LOUD knock! It wasnt the postman because it was 9am! My mum opened the door and then came to me saying “There’s a parcel for you!!” My mum was shaking the parcel asking “What’s inside..?” LOL.


These are the goodies inside!

First item Im going to try is the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
So here is my eye and lip makeup! Yes, my eye makeup is Biore inspired! (:


Now arm yourself with the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye& Lip and cotton pads!


It is not exactly watery nor is it gel like. It is like a runny gel-water product!


The Goods:
JRemoving eye and lips makeup very easily. I only have to wipe my eyes 3 times before everything was off.
JDoes not need to rub too much on skin.
JNot oily at all!

The Bads:
LDoes sting my eyes if too much product are poured on the cotton pad.

Second item Im going to test out is the Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover


On the back of my hand, I applied Relvon Colourstay, Mac loosepowder and many different Mac Blushers. Words were written using Mac pencil liners.



Doesnt need to shake. And this product feel amazinggg! It is not watery, but runny.. Emm, doesnt really sound like water eh?


The Goods:
JOnly need a tiny amount.
JCleanse really easily and quickly.
JDoes not leaves a oily flim behind after washing.

JDoes Foral scent!

The Bads:
Nothing! I really like this product!

The last item I am goign to test out is the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets
I decided to use it after a day out, so sorry, no photo of my oily face.. :X


Here is the aftermath..


The Goods:
JConvenience to use.
JOnly one sheet needed for my huge face.

The Bads:
LOily and leaves a flim behind.
LDoes not remover waterproof mascara.
LNot environmental friendly.

Excited about the three makeup removers? Now you can try them out too! Simply click the link below and you will get a FREE Biore Sample kit which consist of:
1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip,

1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (2 Pcs)

Now redeem!


Thank you The Sample Store and Biore for giving me the opportunity for taking party in this blogger’s challenge!

PS: Always remember to double cleanse! (:

Are you Ready for Revlon PhotoReady?

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Greetings sugars!

Many people were waiting for the launch of Revlon PhotoReady as there was quite a number of raves in the States. How did it fare against the one-of-the-best-liquid-foundations Revlon Colorstay?

I was at SengKang Compass Point when I saw Revlon PhotoReady. I swatched the lightest shade, Nude. (Which is the 4th lightest shade in the States.) I can only recall that there’re Golden Beige, other than Nude! Sorry! WIll update the list tomorrow when I pass by again!

Miss #1: It was.. Orangey and abit dark even for me. After 1 hour, it oxidise to a darker shade. Not good.
Miss #2: Very cakey and thick, yet coverage wasnt as good as the Revlon Colorstay!
Miss #3: Settled into fine lines, not a nice sight, especially on face.
Miss of the misses: SO SHIMMERY!! 😦


Now.. Would you pay $29.90 to look like a disco ball?

Not me.



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