OPI Fly dupes?

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OPI Nicki Minaj
Photo credit to shefinds.

When I saw the promo photos for the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, I knew I was skipping it. Not a fan of shatters (‘Super Bass Shatter’), nor glitters/shimmers (‘Metallic 4 Life’ and ‘Save Me’), nor this green (‘Did It On Em’). I was interested in ‘Pink Friday’ and ‘Fly’. But Im quite sure that ‘Pink Friday’ is dupable. Whereas for ‘Fly’, I think it is a less common shade. But I know I have something similar.



And it is the Rainbow AM28.

Yes? No?

(I had to chip off my nails for sports, so only thumb swatches for now.)

Lets take a closer look side by side.

2 layers for each.
OPI Fly dries to a glossier finish while Rainbow AM28 to a more musky finish. Both dries in a short time.

It is soooooooo hard capturing the true teal colour, so I am giving you colour swatches on html.

This is OPI Fly.                                     This is Rainbow AM28.

Seriously, is there any different? But I have to admit, OPI Fly is prettier but you dont need both. If you are on a budget or just wants a dupe, get Rainbow AM28 ($2/$2.50. You can get them at the old shop book shop, or even those budget beauty stores such as Ta Zhiang. Singapore only!)


OPI Samoan Sand

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Gave another go at nude polish, especially after reading Eileen‘s post on OPI Samoan Sand.

Application was smooth and easy. I used only 2 coats for the photos.


This is by far the nicest nude polish I’ve used, not that I have used alot. But I’m still not a nude polish fan.. :s

Yet Another Nail Post..

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Current nail colour. Purple purple, whats there not to love? 🙂

Pamplona Purple

Colour true to photo. Super love this!


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Came across these 4 shades and I thought that Over The Taupe were quite alike to You Dont Know Jacques, and Tickle my France-y was close to Barefoot In Barcelona.

So lets compare them!

Over The Taupe, You Dont Know Jacques


Very close shade of browns. I really really do not understand the hype on YDKJ. 😦 I guess Im not a brown person for nails.


Tickle my France-y, Barefoot In Barcelona


Totally different! It is either a hit or miss for nudes depending on your skintone. I do like both of the above, but I dont see myself using them often.

Paris Loving

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Just a random swatch when I was packing my room yesterday.

I cannot believe how many OPIs I have since 2 months ago. This is very bad.

Will be back with more swatches!

Are you Ready for Revlon PhotoReady?

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Greetings sugars!

Many people were waiting for the launch of Revlon PhotoReady as there was quite a number of raves in the States. How did it fare against the one-of-the-best-liquid-foundations Revlon Colorstay?

I was at SengKang Compass Point when I saw Revlon PhotoReady. I swatched the lightest shade, Nude. (Which is the 4th lightest shade in the States.) I can only recall that there’re Golden Beige, other than Nude! Sorry! WIll update the list tomorrow when I pass by again!

Miss #1: It was.. Orangey and abit dark even for me. After 1 hour, it oxidise to a darker shade. Not good.
Miss #2: Very cakey and thick, yet coverage wasnt as good as the Revlon Colorstay!
Miss #3: Settled into fine lines, not a nice sight, especially on face.
Miss of the misses: SO SHIMMERY!! 😦


Now.. Would you pay $29.90 to look like a disco ball?

Not me.




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Im sure this is no stranger to you girls. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil & NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil.
I find the texture similar so I tested them as eyeshadow base.

Here are the swatches of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in
Purple, Cherry, Gold, Lavender, Hot Pink, Baby Blue & Orange

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in
Honey & Almond

Shades true to this:


The Bads:
LToo pigmented as a eye shadow base. I would prefer a colourless one as to bring out the ES shade.
Almond would be good as a eye shadown base and also Cotton Cheese and Milk which I dont have.
LIt can be a good product if one have time to apply different shades and then pat on similar eye shadows.
For example, Lavender in the middle for highlight, then Purple as the corner of the eyes etc.

The Netural:
KThe sharpening of the pencil. As it is jumbo, normal sharpener wont do the trick. But if you have the NYX sharperen, then this isnt a problem.
Or you can melt the pencil into a 5g jar. (Only the colour part, not the whole pencil!)

The Goods:
JThe price tag! 4usd
JDoesnt crease much.
JEasy to apply, and eye shadows go in smoothly.


No doubt that the product is cheap and good, but the sharpening and being too troublesome to blend them all together gets to me.
If the pencil comes in normal size, then I would be getting Milk and Cotton Cheese, then maybe I might change my views on these. 🙂

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