Are you Ready for Revlon PhotoReady?

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Greetings sugars!

Many people were waiting for the launch of Revlon PhotoReady as there was quite a number of raves in the States. How did it fare against the one-of-the-best-liquid-foundations Revlon Colorstay?

I was at SengKang Compass Point when I saw Revlon PhotoReady. I swatched the lightest shade, Nude. (Which is the 4th lightest shade in the States.) I can only recall that there’re Golden Beige, other than Nude! Sorry! WIll update the list tomorrow when I pass by again!

Miss #1: It was.. Orangey and abit dark even for me. After 1 hour, it oxidise to a darker shade. Not good.
Miss #2: Very cakey and thick, yet coverage wasnt as good as the Revlon Colorstay!
Miss #3: Settled into fine lines, not a nice sight, especially on face.
Miss of the misses: SO SHIMMERY!! 😦


Now.. Would you pay $29.90 to look like a disco ball?

Not me.




Swatches & Review: Revlon Colorstay Makeup With Softlex for Combination/Oliy Skin


Revlon Colorstay Makeup With Softlex for Combination/Oliy Skin.

Quite a mouthful, no?


I love love love this liquid foundation as it is, so far, THE BEST for me.

Photos blurred to show the true shades.

The Bads:
LDesign of the bottle. Because it is of thick thick consistency, it is hard to pour out the last bits.
LLimited shades IN SINGAPORE. See how limited the shades are in Singapore! 😦

List of shades: (*Shades coloured are available in Singapore.)
150 Buff
180/190 Sand Beige (I think the new bottles are labelled as 190 and the older, 180)
210 Nude
Natural Beige
Medium Beige
Fresh Beige
Golden Beige
310 Warm Golden
True Beige
Natural Tan
340 Early Tan
Rich Tan
Golden Caramel
370 Toast
Rich Ginger

5 out of 20 shades only! BLAH!

The Netural:
KThe smell of alcohol! Though it wasnt a big problem for me, Im sure many girls dont like it.

The Goods:
JMedium to heavy coverage. 
JDoesnt clog pores.
JOil control was pretty good.


Of course it is a good product for me!

Now.. Many girls had been asking alot the shade Nude. It is the next shade after Sand Beige, which most chinese girls suit. I am not very sure about the malay friends, I think Early Tan seem to be a common match? Please correct me if Im wrong!

So the shades from the lightest to the darkest (for common singaporean shades) will be
150 Buff > 180/190 Sand Beige > 210 Nude > 340 Early Tan

Although Nude looks lighter than Sand Beige in the bottle, they are actually the same shade, just that Sand Beige is yellow undertoned while Nude is pink undertoned. Thus Nude seem darker than Sand Beige.

Buff is yellow undertoned.

I dont have Nude, so only swatches for 150 Buff and 180/190 Sand Beige.


Oh yes! It is $29.90 at Watson! 🙂